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Hi. It's Natassja, The Sweetest Girl and ever-evolving singer/songwriter, rising above the din. This site is a repository for my random musings and is my little "sea of tranquility". This is also where my friends, the Starchildren, commune.
african-yogi: African-Yogithechildrengather: The Children Gatherporninparadise: Porn in Paradisedancesinlight: dances in lightfizbanmoose: shinin'kushandwizdom: The Good Vibe - Inspirational Picture Quotesget-fat-here: Indulge Yourself Heresweet-mandala: Sweet Mandalakittykat-kait: Cats in wool sweatersrushingtheskyline: Before the Dawndolce-vita-lifestyle: La Dolce Vitaabagond: abagond etclegsofwomen-men: legs of women and menitsthelittleintrovert: `Diving For Hearts`heavenhighh: yogabound: Namaste ॐexoticwomenofcolor: Exotic Women Of Colorliuchuanfeng: 用力过猛君tiny-creatures: For The Little Onesmarcus-y: MISTER Y. || INFINITE POSSIBILITIESparisiansunrisemoroccanmoonlight: My Dirty Little Minddrinkbloodhasvitamines: Death and chocolatebillidollarbaby: CREME de la CREME: I got expensive tastenoxfae: Forever The Moon In My Eyesjemappellemariemay: I suffered. I learned. I changed.jiutrampdo: Our Power Move! 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Fabulous. 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For nowalylublah: Alylublahdark-challenger: Lost the battle; win the waryogaasanas: Asanasgoldlionaz: Gold Lion Healing Artsonedropcolors: Onedropcolorssway33: Sway: The Hi-Lowboxedteafox: brisk walksarabiii: lil nanimeghanlikescats: I have a cat named Beatrice.keernin: i can't think of a good titlesomersetnom: Abhyasa vairagyabhyam tat nirodhahthepatientpenwoman: A Little Too Observantthenaturalworld: the natural worldpauladhy: candid musings18-15n-77-30w: 18° 15' N, 77° 30' Wblondesquats: forever bulkinggrassrootsdiscovery: Petrichordarkskinnedblackbeauty: Dark skinned women are beautifulthinkingwitch: The Thinking Witchnudemuscle: Nude Muscletheurbanhippiee: The Journeyfyblackwomenart: Black Women Art!itscandiibabee: Girl from Ghana trying to find herself one rebloggafrofit: Afro Fiteternalful: Wonder while you Wandereverydaytrifles: Everyday Triflesheyjenngramugs: Behind the Awesomenessleglover53: leglover53fuckyeahaudreyhepburn: Fuck Yeah, Audrey Hepburn!afro-art-chick: fockabees: We Have Something In Commoncreativemornings: CreativeMornings/Findingsfuckyeahfitwomen: Fit Female Musclesoulburnslow: Ethertollyhood: Namasteadaerim: outofthestaticmallorylucille: THE GREATESTboxerkidcrix: Don't know where to gokeystrokestowardmydream: keystrokes toward my dreamspaint-me-rage: After all, tomorrow is another day.keebiekneebiez: 4.41 amone-tough-flower: Trucking Alongfitocracy: Fitocracy Blogwhitelightbrownskin: holistic, mysticwindowseattwo: WINDOWSEAT..TWOunreliable-external: It just happened this wayhairyfaerie: ॐ virganic ॐfuckyeahyoga: fuck yeah yogazodiacsociety: Zodiac Societyfunkydineva: My Hair Is Layedkinoyoga: KinoYogaayeshanura: Ayesha NuRa - The Eclectic Bloggergeneticamenteincapacitada: Geneticamente incapacitada para ser normal.fatmamadoesyoga: Fat Mama Does Yogablackswanyoga: Black Swan Yogayulady-yoga: Down-digitty-dogmiyabailey: City of Ink's Miya Baileyfuckyeahfamousblackgirls: famousblackGIRLSblack-sapiosexual: "The two best teachers are love and pain"liftyourvibration: .:Lifted Vibrations:.vintageblack2: Vintage Black Photosshadesofblackness: Shades Of Blacknessvegan-yogi: ☯ VEGAN ~ YOGI ☯razorshapes: R.S.briansmeulders: Brian Smeulders' Photographic Sketchbookcaptainlex: zephtydi: natural black manastrologycompatibilityandself: A&A: We're all still wonderingblooming-wild: As Within, So Withouttranzimbaah: fronemofobiayogibabe: c1nd3r311a: emumcantodomundo: Do canto do mundothe--kel--smith: Phooey on it!beasyou-are: Aren't these the moments we live forfruit-porn: fruit pornblackcontemporaryart: Black Contemporary Artalternative-health: issarae: Issa Raewinefinedarkchicks: WineFineDarkChickskickstarter: The Kickstarter Tumblriamdonald: iamdonaldbreakfastwithalex: Breakfast with Alexswiftyzida: destination impossible.brazil-healthylife: Welcome To My Special Placeishablaaker: Isha Blaakeronnasora: Onna Sorawellbeyondmars: Beyond Marsfuckyeahveganicecream: fuck yeah vegan ice creamart-spire: Sparkish Agileiwillrunfree: i will run freeamanu360: Horns & Halosmanothesea: Orange-Oneevepostapple: Eve Post Applepornstarbuddha: Go Hard or Go Home!!!npr: NPRstaff: Tumblr Staffindigoshakti: IndigoShaktithepaintedbench: The Painted Benchfuturejournalismproject: The FJPcarsonsnewbeginning: All who wander are not lostgoddesstasha: ONLY HIGH HEELS by GODDESS TASHAtrex23: Untitledtheloveapp: Jesse Boykins IIIbuttondownmoda: BUTTON-DOWN MODAeverybodyhasabrain: blackwomenasianmen: closetsare4clothes: ANGELENO NOW, BROOKLYNITE FOREVERvirginx-files: Roses Lakesunshineclark: I am happy, happy, happy!!coshuu: The Courtney Chroniclesjoyyoga:

Nuff said.

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